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  • video depositions

    Are videotaped testimonies of a witness taken under oath and upon interrogatories, not in open court.

    A discovery device by which one party asks oral questions of the other party or of a witness for the other party.

  • day in the life documentaries

    Are video pieces that portray the damages a person has sustained due to an incident that caused them.

    They show how the person's life has changed because of this injuries. They're a very effective tool for making the judge and jury experience the person's condition.

  • settlement documentaries

    Are concise summations of a case, usually produced on behalf of the plaintiff, which objective is to get the defense and insurance company to fully comprehend the pain and suffering that results from their negligence, malpractice or product liability.

    Since they'll never be presented in trial, these documentaries make good use of all the potential, techniques and creativity that the visual medium provides to produce high impact on the audience.


    Our experienced staff and avant garde presentation equipment will make your presentation material highly effective and memorable in court. We have available VHS, DV, DVD, Power Point and other presentation delivery formats.


    An ideal tool used by Construction Companies for recording the conditions of public and/or private property prior to initiate construction work and prevent later unfounded, unfair or fraudulent law suits and claims.


    A Videotape of a Will Execution has several purposes such as to show: due execution of the will; testamentary capacity; testamentary intent; contents of the will; lack of undue influence or fraud; and to assist in will interpretation and construction.


    Are accurate recreations of an incident that effectively allow the viewer to see and understand all details concerning that incident. They bring the incident before the jury's eyes.


    Are similar to Video Recreations except in that high-tech digital hardware and software are utilized to recreate events or incidents that otherwise would be impossible to record due its cost, complexity or physical limitations.


    HIGH TECH LEGAL VIDEO, has state of the art digital editing equipment that will save you time and produce a high quality product to be used in any phase of the legal process.


    We have the installed capacity and expertise to expediently duplicate and/or transcode to a great range of formats, from digital ones, such as mp4, h.264, wmv, mpg, mov, mkv, avi, wav, mp3, CD, DVD, to analog, such as, Mini DV, VHS, Betacam, and more.


    We keep an original archive of all the records we produce in a safe, secure and well organized storage system. If in the future and for any reason you should require a copy of a record produced six years ago, just give as a call, we'll have it in storage.

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